Life’s A… Journey

This morning I paused and thought about the many times in my life that I wanted and expected certain things, and the times that I’ve felt, “hurt” upon not receiving them. I sat and thought about how life is really a journey.  

With time, I’d like to think that I get wiser, which in turn enhances my judgement and ability to follow my intuition. I remember the days where I battled with this; hell, I still do. There’s something about my most recent journey that makes me feel… okay and at ease… for now. 

If you’ve listened to my “Fruition” series, you probably can tell that I’m interested in other people’s stories; where they’re from and what shaped them into the person that they are at that moment. To me, one of the best ways to learn is by listening to other people’s experiences, good and bad.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a woman about life and what not. She ended up telling me about how she ended up in Houston, although she was born and raised in California. In my opinion, her journey (so far) has been interesting.

Her family decided to move south due to the 2008 financial crisis. It took her a minute to follow being that she had recently given birth to her first child and had her own family with her boyfriend/child’s father. They ended up moving in with his family for a period of time, and it wasn’t the best situation. A few months later, they found their own apartment. The day she received the apartment keys, a relative called her for regular day to day conversation and she expressed how happy she was about finally moving into their own place. Her relative then told her that moving to a new place in California probably wasn’t the best option. After getting keys to a new place, after struggling to get back on her feet, why would anyone want her to think that this wasn’t a good idea? Her relative then told her, “Why not join your family in Houston?”. She paused, thought about it, and called her mom to let her know that she and her son would be headed south soon. Of course her mom was curious wanting to know to know, “why?”. By this time her family was settled in and there was more room for her and her son. Unfortunately, a few weeks after moving, her boyfriend, the father of her child, was killed in California. Of course, she was devastated. Her first month in Houston was a huge blur. Although tragedy happened, God guided her to a new location for a reason. She found better employment, she met who is now her husband, had another child and she has now been living in Houston for 10 years. Of course, life has its ups and downs but, she keeps on moving.  

After listening to her story with my own emotions all over the place because of it, I could only smile and look at her with surprise. She dealt with change and tragedy; both in such a short period of time. It made me think about my own life and the things that I consider(ed) hurtful, not planned, unexpected and unfair. Life is a journey, y’all. Sometimes the things that we want aren’t for us, the place we want to be isn’t for us, but, there’s something out there for us. 

-Reese Berry

You know what inspiration is? It’s someone who let’s you know that life will go on… and something beautiful can be waiting somewhere… somewhere when you least expect it.
— James Wheeler 😉