Maintaining Your Mental Health In The Workplace

We spend at least 40 hours or more a week at work. And just like we encounter stress in our personal lives, we encounter stress at work. I recently started my job and not even 30 days in a coworker tried me. They tried to bring their negativity into my life and I just want to come to work and do my job. I don’t want to leave stressed or annoyed with the feeling of not wanting to return the next day.

So how does one keep their mental together when one has exhausted all PTO and needs vacation time for that Vegas trip? Here are some tips that I find helpful when trying to maintain mental health in the workplace:

1. Breathe

⁃ Sometimes you just have to take a step back and breathe. You can use a meditation app or your smart watch if assistance is needed. A nice deep breath can get you focused and back on track.

2. Walk Away When Needed

⁃ There’s no need to consistently converse with your coworkers. It’s nice to talk to coworkers but don’t force yourself to sit through negative/toxic conversations. Use downtime to read, meditate, organize your work, etc.

3. Keep Busy

⁃ Get up and verb. Do something that hasn’t been done yet or ask a coworker to teach you about that one task you don’t know how to do. Staying productive can change your whole day.

4. Listen to Music

⁃ Use your lunch break to unwind from your work environment and coworkers.

There are other options that can help including: texting friends, being on your favorite social media site, contacting your employers EAP if you need help, and many more. What are some of your favorite ways to maintain your mental health in the work place?

Mental Matters because YOU matter...

Music mainly. Taking walks outside helps too if it isn’t too cold or around the building. Calling someone. And researching things I dream about doing
— John P.