I’m In Control

The biggest thing I took away from group therapy was learning not stress, care, get frustrated, or angry over things that are out of my control. 

Activity: Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. On the left, write a list of things that are in your control. On the right, write a list of things that are out of your control. Having a reminder can help keep your mood from fluctuating. 

The reason I love this activity so much is because whenever situations would arise I would simply ask myself “What is in MY control?” Recently I started a new job and during my first week of training I was only allowed to shadow. Work was slow and then out of nowhere four customers walked in. There was only one other teller who was already assisting someone. I started freaking out then I remembered, I am in control of my emotions. There was no reason to worry because I couldn’t help them even though I wanted to. I had no control over my training policies, so I just told customers “we’ll be right with you” and they were content with being acknowledged. 

I still use this technique due to it working so well for me. Once you can admit what’s out of your control you can stop stressing over things. It will help keep you from being flustered and/or stressed and keep your mental positive. Take the blame off yourself if it is out of your control. When I feel like I’m losing control I love listening to “In Control” by Mocity. Not only do I get turnt up but it really reminds me that I have control over certain things.

Mental Matters because you matter…

“In Control” by Mo’City on Apple Music and Spotify