The Happiness List

When’s the last time you did something that made you happy? Often times we talk about “self care” this or “self care” that and we actually forget to do whatever self care we had in mind. 

Every couple months I make a happiness list just to see what currently makes me happy and how often am I doing it. I challenge everyone to make a happiness list with 5-6 activities that make you happy. Next to each activity write down how many days and/or weeks it’s been since you’ve done those activities. Then, make a column and write down how many times you’d like to do those activities, once a week, twice a month, etc. 

Reflect and change your list as much as you want. Always make time for the things that make YOU happy. 

What are some things you haven’t done in a  while that make you happy? 

Mental Matters because you matter...


LaCie’s Happiness List

The black ink represents the first time I made a list, which was July 25,2018. The Pink and Purple ink represents my answers today. It’s nice to see that you’re doing things that make you happy more often.