A Few Faithful Men

This week I wanted to do things a little differently. I reached out to a few men that I know to talk about faithfulness. Take a listen as I asked the men a couple of questions regarding faithfulness and the question that sparked it all “What would it take for you not to cheat?” Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, and share.


I am a huge reader of Greek mythology. I love how the characters are all flawed and how each story has a hidden meaning that can be related to life. One of the common themes in Greek mythology is hubris or pride. For instance, one of my favorite stories that I’ve read was Oedipus Rex. If you took a psychology class, you may have heard of the term Oedipus Complex derived from the well known psychologist Sigmund Freud. It’s the idea that a child is competing for love and affection against the same sex parent or in other words, a daughter might be jealous of their mother because of the attention her father gives to his wife. Crazy right! Well that theory comes from the Greek mythology Oedipus Rex.

 The story is based off of a prophecy told to a king and queen that their son will kill his father and marry his mother. The king and queen wanted to make sure that this prophecy did not come true, so they told their servant to take their son to the mountains to be killed by wild animals. The servant took the child, but could not go through with the act. He instead gave it to another village where the child grew up. Once the child became a man, he heard that a kingdom was cursed by a sphinx and the only way to release the curse was to solve the sphinx’s riddle. Oedipus was smart and knew he could solve the riddle. He also heard that if the riddle was solved, he would be married to the queen there and become king. While on the way to the kingdom, a man ran Oedipus off the road. He was so filled with anger that he ended up killing the man. Once Oedipus got to the kingdom, he solved the riddle immediately and became king. He had two children right away and became a successful ruler.

 To make this story less long, one day Oedipus asked his queen what happened to the king. She told him that once the sphinx came to town, he left. Oedipus then asked why they didn’t have any children. The queen told him of the prophecy and Oedipus laughed it off. The queen then became curious of Oedipus’s background. He requested for the servant that took care of him when he was young. The queen saw the servant and became ill, she realized that the prophecy had come true. She urged Oedipus not to ask questions, but he persisted. The queen ended up committing suicide. He also found out that the man on the road that he killed was his father. Oedipus was so distraught that he banished himself from the kingdom and ended up plucking his eyes out.

The story is tragic, but its meaning is simply, don’t let pride get in the way. Oedipus’s parents didn’t believe in the prophecy and tried to circumvent it by killing their child. Unfortunately, they ended fulfilling the prophecy due to their pride. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree as Oedipus pride got the best of him as well.

We can learn from this story that too much pride can have dire consequences. Pride can drive people away, especially those that are close to you. I have been guilty of pride and it has cost me a friendship. There is nothing wrong with taking the high road at times. Check your pride before you end up making terrible mistakes.

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The "EX"perience

In my early twenties, I was in a serious relationship for about three years. We met towards the end of our freshman year in college. My friends and I went to a neighboring college party where I met her. Something about her intrigued me. I don’t recall what it was, but I do remember someone throwing up on her and I came to the rescue. After getting her cleaned up, we exchanged numbers. In the beginning, like most relationships, things were good. We were getting to know each other and after a short while, we fell in love. Within two years, I wanted to pop the question. Before I did however, I asked her dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage along with consulting her mother and brother. I even asked the dog. They were thrilled and so was I once she said yes.

A year into our engagement, I found out that relationships were a lot of hard work. We moved in together while she was working a full time job along with going to school and I was working part time trying to finish school as well. During our sophomore year of college, our majors changed drastically. She went from wanting to be a doctor to a chef while I changed from wanting to be an electrical engineer to studying business marketing. Eventually, she decided that she wanted to take a semester off and work full time while I was still working part time and going to school. Unfortunately, that dynamic shift in our relationship took a toll on us. Even though I was productive, she felt as if I wasn’t working hard enough. She thought that I should take a year off of college to work full time and to help with the bills. We argued about that a lot. I didn’t want to stop because I was sure about my major and wanted to finish.

 Moving into my junior year of college, I was able to take on a full time job because my class schedules were more flexible. I could work in the mornings and take classes at night. The relationship seemed to get back on track. She enrolled in school again to be a chef. I could see the passion in her eyes when it pertained to cooking. Whatever she learned in class, she would try it out at home. The meals were great and I love it. Things were looking up, however, in my bliss, I didn’t realize that there was someone else moving in. She became more distant and wanted to go out with her new college friends. Most of the times, those outings didn’t include me. I trusted her, but something wasn’t right. She began to lie about who should would be hanging out with and where she would be going. I found out it was a guy from class that she was going out with alone. Angry, I asked for my ring back and to my surprise, she quickly obliged. After that, I never saw her again. Our ending was bitter and still until this day, we have not spoken a word to each other or follow each other on social media. It’s finally all behind me.

Every man has that one woman that broke their heart. The one woman that we were most vulnerable and the most honest with. Our past EXperiences helps shape us to be the men that we are today. Learn and grow from it and then move on.

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