Hard Work is Ugly

I just got done watching the Beyoncé Netflix documentary Homecoming a couple of days ago and I must say that I am inspired. The countless hours that she put into her Coachella performance was grueling. She coordinated everything from the props, dancers, musicians, singers, lights, etc. That woman is a beast. But what I truly enjoyed about the documentary, was the behind the scene moments. I enjoyed the choreography rehearsals and the repetition of the same moves being perfected. I enjoyed seeing all the mistakes that were made and the drive to get them right. There was even one point in the documentary where Beyoncé sat her team down and explained to them that she was frustrated with the passion of the performance not translating on film. The camera wasn’t catching the foot stomps, the screams, and all the intricate movements that made the show great. Ultimately, the show would be one of the greatest, if not the greatest Coachella performances and Beyoncé would become the first black woman to headline.

I watched Homecoming in three parts because while I was watching it, I was at the gym working out. I would get on the elliptical, turn on the documentary, and be amazed. My sweat would be dripping all over the machine and my phone. My hoodie would be drenched. As the sweat fell from my forehead, a couple of droplets would get in my mouth and I could taste the saltiness. I didn’t care. Beyoncé was in front of me singing and rapping while dancing. All the mistakes and rehearsals paid off for this epic moment. The pains, the aches, the pushing, and grinding might have been ugly, but the results were beautiful. This prompted me to believe that Hard Work Is Ugly. The word ugly means unpleasant or repulsive. So, doing the work maybe unpleasant and you may not even want to do it, but the outcome is beautiful.

Working out has been might one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. The mental prowess it takes to force your body to go beyond measures it is not accustomed to is remarkable. I must push myself to shift my mentality towards excellence, black excellence to be exact. The process is ugly, but I love it. I spend an hour to an hour in a half in the gym making my body feel uncomfortable. I grunt and yell to lift weights against gravity to build strength and obtain muscles that I never had before. My hair is uncombed, and my clothes are wet. After all the sweat and soreness, I’m glad I did it. The results are finally coming in and I am happy about the progress. I’m not there yet, but my mentality has shifted. I want to feel good and be happy. If I have to get a little ugly to do it then I’m willing to get ugly.

Are you willing to get ugly or are you already ugly?